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Monday, January 23, 2012

Victorian Rooms / Cabins

I had the opportunity to travel to Boise Idaho a few months ago.  They had some great Victorian rooms at the Idaho State Historical Museum.

The most striking thing that I remember about he living room was the wallpaper.  The green tile on the fireplace was beautiful also.  The yellows and creme colors in the rug were a nice contrast to the walls. (sorry about the flash in the mirror)

The dining room was saved from a Victorian era house that was going to be demolished.  It was labeled and numbered and re-constructed inside the museum.  It had great built-in cabinets and woodwork.  

This is a photo looking at the other end of the dining room.  More built-in cabinets and great carved wood work.

Here is a photo of the kitchen.  I like the Hoosier cabinet and the old stove.  They had a few period accessories.  I also liked the skirt around the sink.

I took this picture for my daughter..  She loves the program "Say Yes to the Dress"  She wasn't to excited about this Victorian wedding dress.

Couldn't resist this photo of the Boise Girls Tumbling Team in 1933 !

Coston Cabin

On the museum grounds they have the Coston Cabin. You can read about it below.

The Adelmann house was constructed in the 1870s and was moved to the grounds as well.

Logan Home

The Logan house was built in 1865 from adobe bricks and also moved to the museum site.

The Adelmann home was constructed in the 1860s or 1870s and was restored to how it might have looked in 1880. 

Adelmann home


  1. Hi Troy,
    Great post! It's pictures like these that inspire and get the creative juices flowing.

  2. Thank you so much for taking a picture of the wallpaper. I had recently visited the BHM and didn't really take many photos because I had to hold onto my child's hand. I was trying to recall the wallpaper in particular so thanks a bunch! It's a great little museum. I've got to make sure I head back.