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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cubanopolis 2012 Follow-Up

The competition was fierce tonight at the 2012 Cubanopolis. 
 Last night were the final preparations on Cole's Army Half-Track.  ( Our family cat Debussy was absolutely no help whatsoever!)
 Cole sacrificed his Tony Hawk belt ( which is now too small anyway) to hold the grenades for his secret weapon.
 The vehicle is complete and we are excited for the races.
 Cole did awesome and we ended up naming his Half Track "The General"
It was a huge hit - then he got hit, took a tumble, lost a fender, got up and kept running
The cub scouts are going to sleep well tonight!

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  1. Cole's "General" is by far the best design! Love the photo of him inside. :D
    Did you know that the Boy Scouts International office is here in Birmingham? You should come visit!