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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Recent Acquisitions

I have picked a few things up here and there.  Garage Sales, Estate Sales, Auctions and Antique stores seem to be my downfall.

I came across this Playmobil Victorian Mansion at a local estate sale. I created a post about it here:

I found the table with the checkerboard "inlay" at a new antique mall in the area, the round table at a local shop and the small resin cocker spaniel at an estate sale.  I think these should go great in my Victorian House.

I picked up this hand carved wood armchair and an old German looking table at a local shop.  I was thinking these would fit nicely in my log cabin.  I will need to put some cushions or pillows on the hard chair.

The large mirror, the sewing machine and the two Durham Pieces were at an antique mall.  they will probably fit in the cabin, as will the red spatter ware pans.  I picked up the napkin holders at a garage sale.  I am still thinking about what to use them for - baskets? cages? table base? light fixtures?  If you have any suggestions, let me know!


  1. The napkin rings could be made into lobster or crab pots...

  2. I stopped going to garage and estate sales because I kept dragging home 'real size' junk that only managed to fill up MY garage! But ...if I ONLY picked up dollhouse stuff I could start garage sale-ing again, right?

    BTW, sa-weet finds, Troy!

  3. Yes John, If you stick with miniatures, you should be fine !
    Angela, I hadn't thought of crab traps, but they do kind of look like that.