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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cozy Cabin

I did a dry run on the log stairs in my cabin last night. I shot this picture through the side door.  Not sure what happened with the flash, but I like it!  It almost looks like an actual construction site.

 I cut the two stair stringers from bass wood and cut a bunch of logs to the same width then carefully ran them through my table saw. ( I still have all my fingers! )

The staircase will divide the dining room and the living room.  I want to find some special pieces of wood to use for the newel posts and the handrail. some burled or knotty pieces.  We lost a tree to an ice storm a couple of years ago and I saved a bucket of wood for this very purpose.  I have not decided what to do with the finish on the stair stringers.  I may try a color,  it may look better if it wasn't so light ? 

I came across these metal ceiling panels online and may try something like this in the dining area next to the stairs.

This is the current view of the living room.  I stuck an extra door in the side door, but I think I will build a custom door.  I have an old screen door that I want to use there too.  I used some windows from the local hobby store and painted them dark green with red(ish) sashes.  If I have learned anything about painting dollhouse windows, it is to use spray paint if you want them to be operable.  I have been going back and forth on what to do with the fireplace.  River rock or stacked stone ?

This is my sketch of the Living room fireplace not sure if I want to carry the stonework up to the ceiling or not.

This is the fireplace in the master bedroom.  I will probably use the same treatment on this fireplace that I use in the living room, but at a smaller scale.  I am going to convert the white half dome light fixtures into something a little more rustic.  (see the sketch below) will need to figure out a way to make it amber looking instead of white.

This is my sketch of the fireplace and light fixture concept - pine tree silhouettes against a moon

 The front of the house and front porch. I don't think the columns are leaning as bad as it appears in the photo.  I want construct stone bases around the columns and build some sort of stone patio/porch as well.  The stone will continue around the base of the house to hide the pine frame.  Another decision I have been grappling with is if I want to add chinking to the exterior.  ( this is the filler between the logs to weatherproof them)

This is my sketch of how the stone might work at the base of the columns and around the porch and around the house. 

This is the exterior of the living room fireplace. I will cover it with some paperclay "stones" then finish the roof around it.  I created a small stoop at the side door to display some fishing gear.

This is the fireplace at the master bedroom.  I made the base taller here to conceal the fuse and light controls.  I will cover the fireplace, and area to the side with paperclay "stone" and maybe construct a planter or stack some firewood.

I had to play a little with some Adirondack chairs and wirebrush trees before I went to bed.


  1. Troy, love the idea of stairs and your sketch of a fireplace. can't wait to see it finished.

  2. It's Amazing how Beautiful these Grown-up Lincoln Logs are!!! This is going to be a Fantastic and very Original Miniature House! I Love your full moon light with the trees around it! And I think you should make the stone fireplace go all the way up... every log home I've seen pictures of seems to require the Enormous Stone chimney.... I can't wait to see what you decide...! (Use whatever rock you have locally?) It's looking Great!

  3. Me gusta mucho la escalera Troy!
    Es una cabaña encantadora
    Un abrazo

  4. Troy, I just love your cabin project --it reminds me of the house I grew up in. it's totally conjured up fond memories of Lake Minnetonka. (I think I am going to have to do a cabin, too). Great job on the redesign --it totally works much better the way you switched things up. Love your antler chandelier! And how cool that your son is also into miniatures --the next generation! He's very lucky to have such a great teacher and dad.