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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hearthsong Halfpenny Dollhouse

I purchased this house on eBay a few years ago.  The label says "Hearthsong Halfpenny Dollhouse" and It has been sitting in my hobby room in its original bag.  I was impressed with the artwork on it.

It is a folding house and is made from  "book board" and the hinges or seams are made from fabric tape.  The package is dated 1998 and the house folds flat.
The original artwork appears to be a combination of water color and colored pencil and it has been printed on the dollhouse.
Each room is very detailed.  Everything from the floors,to baseboards, to the wallpapers and crown moldings and even the ceilings are well thought out.
I do not know anything about the house or what type of furniture or dolls it went with 
( any help would be appreciated )
I like the circle side window and the playful wallpaper.

I like this wallpaper, with the flowers "falling" from above and the two types of wood to make the herringbone pattern on the floor.

Here is a detail of the round window on the exterior.  Note the bird nest in the tree.


  1. You have cute hause,I like beautiful artwork

  2. Beautiful house. Love all of the detail! I've seen "Half Penny" dollhouse furniture on Ebay. Not that I'm encouraging you or anything... LOL

  3. Hi Troy! There was a Company called Hearthsong that put out a catalog when my children were young... in the Nineties.... It had very sweet and Wholesome and pretty toys.... very little plastic... lots of wood and cloth and Natural materials! I think they had associations with the "Waldorf" Education theories (Rudolf Steiner to the Europeans... ) and many of their toys seemed to have European origins. I have no idea if this is one of their products... I had boys who were not into soft pretty toys! But from the look of it, it could be one of their items. Certainly their toys were well designed! This house has a lot of charm!

  4. Thanks for the good info :) Not sure I am ready to furnish this one yet, but I will keep that in mind.

  5. Es una casa preciosa!! De pequeño tuve una casa de muñecas hecha de cartón, pero no recuerdo que fue de ella. ¡¡Un saludo!!

    It is a beautiful house! Small I had a Dolls House made of cardboard, but I do not remember that was her. A greeting!!!

  6. Tão linda,quero esta casinha aqui,agora na minha casa,hauhauhau.

    love,Fernanda from Brasil.

  7. Hi, I found this blog when I searched for halfpenny dollhouses. I have several halfpenny dolls and I would be interested in buying this house if you're interested in selling. Thanks. Alice