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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Who-ville Christmas fun at the office

Each year at the office, we have a cubicle decorating contest as part of our Christmas celebrations.  My cubicle won a prize last year so the pressure was on to come up with something great!  I wanted to utilize some of the decorations from last year and incorporate some new items. Last year I used a bunch of icicle lights on the ceiling and mixed in a bunch of white and silver ornaments.  

I worked with my cubicle mate and decided on a Who-ville / Grinch that stole Christmas theme.

This was our concept sketch

The building facades were sketched on the foam core boards cut out with a sharp knife.

Then painted with spray paint

Doors and windows were added with paint and markers.

I asked a friend to cut out some vinyl letters for us and they turned out great!

Here is a view of my desk, the icicle lights, ceiling ornaments and the Who-ville buildings and a silhouette of the Grinch in the window.

We accented everything with whimsical floral sprigs and giant plants made from foam and tissue paper.

We had several clients and other building tenants come in and judge the cubicals.  For an extra touch, we put Dr. Seuss images on our computer monitors and played music from the Grinch That Stole Christmas.


Monday, December 3, 2018

Recent Acquisitions

While out doing some shopping I came across a few miniatures.

The Petite Princess Chaise lounges were both in the blue box along with a old slimline telephone.

I picked up the cast iron chair at a local antique mall and I came across these two miniature framed tiles at an estate sale.  I wish they had a country of origin.. maybe Russia?

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