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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Playmobil Victorian House 5300

I have seen pictures of these Playmobil houses and been amazed at how much they cost, there are some on Amazon right now for around $1,000. So today when I stopped at an estate sale during my lunch break, I could not resist the $20 that they were asking for this one!
Part of the house was still in it's original box and there was a tub of accessories that came along with it.  Literally hundreds of pieces that go together like a giant Lego set.

I figured I would buy it, take it home and put it together and see if there were any pieces missing.  I could then sell off the pieces if I wanted to?  It even has old model T and a horse drawn carriage.

My son and I put the house together after dinner.  I am amazed at the details - the texture and color of the "slate roof", all of the ornamentation, the operable windows and doors, the "stone" base with tiny operable grilles.  It came with a big plastic tub that had 50 people in it and all kinds of accessories, hats, aprons, purses.. pretty amazing.  All of the pieces are here there except for one small bracket.

The weird thing about this house is that it has so many windows, that there is no place to put the furniture.  

Who knows.. maybe I will keep it!


  1. I can't believe what these houses sell for on the secondary market. I guess it is because they are so detailed and they are not being produced any more. You are so lucky to find this one for $20.00 with so many accessories.

    I have a sad story to tell about this house. Several years ago, before I was into miniatures, I got this house for nothing. Someone had put it at the curb when they had finished their garage sale. I had to beg the unpleasant home owner for some plastic grocery bags to put all the small pieces in, but I eventually got it home. I had some fun putting it together and I was delighted with it. It even had a few pieces of furniture and some people.

    But, as I said, I didn't collect miniatures then. So, I put it out in my garage sale later that summer and sold it for $15.00. I am kicking myself now.

    I think you should keep yours. They are not easy to come by for what you paid - or at all.


  2. What a great find! Congratulations! :-) Jennifer

  3. Ditto what Plushpussycat said--"What a great find!"
    Definitely keep it!

  4. This is a collectors item! For $20, that is amazing! If you sell the pieces, you could make A LOT of money. I had the same victorian mansion when I was a little girl and loved it. My parents had to throw it out because I literally "loved it to pieces"! But this model and it's pieces can be worth a lot of money. Or it can be something fun to keep around :-)

  5. So jealous! I am trying to find one for my kids' christmas present. At this rate, they will get Schliech animals instead!

    1. Please see my post below.... :-))

  6. I have one of these for sale if anyone is interested. I bought it for my daughter years ago when she was too young for it, & put it away....then forgot about the doggone thing till she was out of that kind of play stage...LOL It's still in the box, never been assembled...everything that comes in the plastic is still sealed, and all the pcs that are tied together with string are still tied. Box has a lil wear on it, but it's just from being moved around several times...If anyone is interested, you can email me at, but be sure to put PLAYMOBIL 5300 in the subject line so that I won't delete it as spam.
    Thanks so much & have a blessed day.... :-))

  7. Wow! What a wonderful play house is this. This is so cute and I have now an ideal if what suitable gift for my niece on Christmas. Big thanks for sharing this with us.

  8. I have one that was bought for my kids years ago. I set it up and they played with it once. It is now disassembled in a corrugate box. All pieces included plus instructions. Anyone interested? Email me at Please put "playmobile house" in the subject line. Thanks.

  9. Ihave this house but I'm missing a bunch of pieces to it..if your willing to selk some parts let me know please.

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