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Monday, January 20, 2014

Round Barn & POPS

The round barn in Arcadia Oklahoma is a small gift shop/tourist attraction along the infamous Route 66.

Here is a section drawing that shows how the building is put together.  It was built in 1898, before statehood.  After years of neglect, it was nearly in shambles, but loving restored in 1992.

One of the displays inside the barn is  this miniature architectural model of the barn itself.  The barn has been the subject of documentaries and even in a calendar of Route 66 attractions.

The barn has it's own website HERE

My son Cole posing by the sign out front

Here is a picture of me and my mom at the barn.

 Here is a shot of the ceiling structure inside the upstairs room.  There are no supports and the span is quite impressive.  The room is rented out for parties and meetings.

This is true reason my kids like to stop in Arcadia Oklahoma - an ultra modern soda shop called POPS.  POPS has it's own website HERE

POPS contains a restaurant and a truly amazing assortment of soda pop from all over the world, and it is a great place to find a toilet between Oklahoma City and Tulsa!

I chose a canadian orange creme soda, my son chose a chocolate soda, grandma found a sugar free black cherry soda and my daughter found a pink lemonade from France.  Special thanks to my wife taking the picture!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cozy Cabin Porch Light

I got some great feedback on my last post about which light to use for the front porch.  You influenced my decision!  

 I was leaning towards the lantern on the left, but ended up using the lantern on the right.

 It looks great.  One of the things I like about it is that it is roughly the same diameter as the logs on the front porch and a similar shape.

 I came across these plastic deer at an estate sale for 25 cents each.  I am going to use their antlers to add to the current antler chandelier in the living room.

 I made the current antler chandelier out of paper clay

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cozy Cabin Wiring

I started the cabin project quite a while ago.  This week I have had the cabin up on the work bench and elevated on a couple of plastic bins so I could get into the "crawl space" underneath and work on the wiring.

The foundation is less than two inches tall and is a framework of supports under some thin plywood.  I have been drilling holes through the frame to gather all of the wiring and get it routed to the power strip.

 The wiring has been kind of temporary, up until this point and I didnt want the weight of the house to damage any of it.

I designed an elevated base for the master bedroom fireplace which will hide the electrical strip. Once I get the wiring all squared away, I plan to resume working on the stone.  I am going to create stone with paperclay for both fireplaces, the porch, and the foundation all the way around the cabin.

I won an ebay auction a while back with several light fixtures.  I have narrowed the front porch fixture down to these three.  I am leaning towards using the lantern on the right, which is your pick?

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cozy Cabin Couch

Things are starting to take shape in the new studio space and I took some time today to work on the Cozy Cabin project.  I have been debating on what kind of fabric to use for the living room.  As luck would have it, my favorite pair of jeans recently became available.

I have been planning on using this couch in the cabin because I have a nice sofa table that it works well with.  The couch and and a matching wing chair were some of the first 1:12 scale furniture pieces I purchased several years ago. The photo in the background was one of my inspiration photos.

The strawberry covered couch came apart pretty easily which made changing our the fabric go pretty smooth.

This is where I am at so far.  I was able to use some of the existing stitching and seams to give the sofa a more tailored look.  I added cushion to the back.

Here is a view from the rear, which is actually the side that will be facing viewers in the cabin.

Here a few of the other pieces of furniture that will be in the living room.  Some nesting tables and a bear skin rug.  I found the wood armchair at a local flea market, I dates from the 1940's.  I made a denim cushion for it too.

Next up are some throw pillows!