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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Village

Each year we enjoy setting up our "village" The village started out as a starter kit with 3 pieces on our first Christmas. It has become quite the family tradition. We have added a piece or two each year after and it has grown into a mini-metropolis. Almost all of the pieces are all from Mervyn's Village Square.

The kids love to help layout the buildings, place the people and especially throw the snow.

The pieces have become harder to come by now that they have closed Mervyn's here in Oklahoma, but They come up once and a while on Ebay.

Here are some how-to ideas for setting up your village:


  1. Woa.... this is magical! Caroline :) x

  2. Thanks for sharing. So wonderful that your family helps you. My kids avoid setting up like the plague. It's my labor of love but sure would love for that love to be contagious. Oh well!