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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Recent Acquisitions

I haven't posted about some of my miniature finds in a while.  
I have picked up a few things at local estate sales and ebay.  

I came across this Egyptian style chair at an estate sale this week.  It is by Willits and the collection is called "Take A Seat" -To see the rest of my Take A Seat collection, click HERE

I found this wood dresser with mirror on ebay.  It is part of my HALL'S collection.
It is constructed from veneered plywood and particle board and first appeared in their 1972 catalog.

To see the HALL'S pieces that I have collected so far, click HERE

I found this elephant collection at an estate sale a while back.  The sale included almost anything elephant that you can think of.  The largest one is less than an inch tall and appears to be carved from bone or ivory, the one on the right is plastic the the other three are metal.  The smallest one is about 1/8" tall.

I found this scale and silver tea pot at another sale.  They are 1"=1'0" scale

The tea pot is actually a momento from one of the America's Cup Races.  
It says New Zealand and has a year that I cant quite make out.

This collection of items was from another estate sale. I like the tiny wooden box of sewing notions, threads, ribbon, scissors, and the tiny eye glasses.  

I found this Renwal #27 plastic baby scooter at yet another estate sale.  
It dates from the 1950's.  To see the rest of my plastic furniture, and see my 200th post HERE

Lastly, I came across a bunch of Hallmark Christmas ornaments that work great for miniature displays, because they are close to 1"= 1'-0" scale.
The Yellow HOT ROD is a reproduction of the 1956 Garton pedal car
The burgundy car is a reproduction of 1937 Steelcraft pedal car by Airflow 
(note the tiny squeeze horn mounted on the side)
and my favorite is the green tricycle.  It is a reproduction of the 1937 Steelcraft Streamline Velocipede by Murray - great pin stripes

They make great accessories to period displays