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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Recent Acquistions and Updates

I came across an estate sale with some miniatures today.  I purchased a few House of miniatures kits, some bricks, some food, a wire basket, a wall shelf and a stack of old magazines.

The food looks great!  sliced ham with pineapple, raw oysters on the half shell, green salad in wooden bowls, and sliced carrots with butter

I finished restoring the table and chairs that I had purchased a while back.  When I figure out which house to use them in, I may put some fabric on the flocked seats.

I took a few photos of the food on the table

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Recent Acquisitions

Happy New Year!

I have picked up a few items here and there since my last "Recent Acquisitions" post

I came across this dining room set at an estate sale.  
I cannot find it in any of my miniature books.  I think it may be homemade?  
The chair seats are flocked with a dark blue material and need a little TLC.

I have already cut and bent the wood to fix them the missing pieces.  
Now I need to get get the stain just right.

I bent the wood by soaking it in water and holding it in place with rubber bands around a paint can that had the radius I needed.

I came across these items at estate sales too.  
The 3 small vases were at one, the porcelain birdhouse at another (It is marked Lenox on the bottom), and the fireplace and Chippendale Breakfront x-acto kit were at another.  
I did an inventory of the kit and it is missing a few pieces, but I am up for the challenge!

This red velvet Victorian parlor furniture was at another estate sale. These pieces helped decorate the little Christmas tree in my studio.