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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Recent Acquistions and Updates

I came across an estate sale with some miniatures today.  I purchased a few House of miniatures kits, some bricks, some food, a wire basket, a wall shelf and a stack of old magazines.

The food looks great!  sliced ham with pineapple, raw oysters on the half shell, green salad in wooden bowls, and sliced carrots with butter

I finished restoring the table and chairs that I had purchased a while back.  When I figure out which house to use them in, I may put some fabric on the flocked seats.

I took a few photos of the food on the table


  1. The table and chairs look great. And that's a feast fit for a king.

  2. Congratulations! I like what you did with the table and chairs.

  3. The table and chairs look Wonderful and the food looks quite yummy!
    You certainly have an eye for good deals, Troy. :D


  4. The dining set looks great! I hope you'll show photos of the new chair seats if you eventually change them.
    All the food is so well made; I'm impressed with that sliced ham, and the salad looks quite fresh.

  5. That reminds me that I also still have some of these kits ... hmmmmmm I have to craft something :D :D :D

  6. Great finds! The table and chairs look really good too.

  7. Table and chairs just like new! You did it perfectly!

  8. Your new acquisitions look lovely, I like the wire basket, the table and chairs look good, you did a great job bending the wood, and the food looks delicious.