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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Recent Acquisitions

I have found a few interesting items this week at estate sales.  A fireplace bookend.  Surprisingly, it must weigh 5 pounds!  I came across this set of wooden kitchen tools and a unique metal chair at another sale.  I believe the chair is a pin cushion/picture frame?  It is slightly larger than 1:12 scale.

I figured a fireplace of this weight might as well go with my heaviest cast iron furniture, my Arcade collection.  To see my Arcade Cast Iron collection click on the Arcade link.  I believe I have all of the pieces except the octagon shaped living room side table.

I did take a liking to these galvanized letters that I came across at Hobby Lobby the other day.  (and they were half-off !)  If you are new to my blog, you might enjoy this trip down memory lane and seeing the progress of my "man-cave"


  1. Estoy segura que encontrarás el sitio adecuado para tus nuevas adquisiciones!! Tu estudio está precioso!!

  2. Hello Troy,
    Great finds! the fireplace is lovely. I really like the letters on the wall. Nice touch!
    Big hug

  3. Hi Troy,
    The fireplace has beautiful detail. It's amazing that such a small piece can be so heavy! It'll be a good fit with your cast iron collection. Those galvanized letters are gorgeous; a good find!

  4. Hi Troy! Good finds! I have a set of wooden kitchen appliances. I think it makes Bodo Henning.

  5. Great finds! The chair and fireplace have some really nice details.