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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Studio Update

I added a few more brands to the wall in the studio

 (I left some room at the top for Tootsietoy)

I painted the Strombecker letters gold since that is the way it appears on the furniture, unfortunately, it doesn't photograph so well on the wall.  To see my Strombecker collections, click the links below:

I selected brown, block-like letters for the Tynietoy logo.  Tynietoy initially put paper labels like the one shown above on their pieces, then later started stamping directly on the furniture and then moved to a press or brand on the wood.  click the link below to see my Tynietoy collection.

The Arcade company has raised letters on each of the cast iron pieces that they produced.  I chose the galvanized letters for the Arcade logo since they are both metal.
Click the link to see my Arcade Cast Iron Collection:


  1. Hello Troy,
    What a terrific room. It is set up like a miniature museum, perfect for your amazing collection.
    Big hug

  2. Hi, Troy
    I absolutely love your arrangement of letters on the wall - especially the way the letters match the trademark colors for each set. I've just been browsing through your collections of Strombecker, Tynietoy, and Arcade. What an amazing collection! Thanks for sharing those links.

  3. Hello, Troy! Now I have a new dream - to see your entire collection. A separate room for the collection is cool, a real museum. The letters are very stylish, great idea!

  4. Un estudio fantástico, se aprecia una piezas verdaderamente fantásticas y su logo de marca perfecto:-)