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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Recent Acquisitions

You'd think there was a baby on the way?

I have found a few items recently.  The plastic baby stroller was at an estate sale, the high chair was an Ebay find and the rocker came from a local antique mall.

The rocker and the high chair are both Tynietoy.  The high chair is from factory stock that was never painted and I like the natural wood look.

The rocker is unmarked, as are most of the rush seat pieces

To see the rest of my Tynietoy collection, click HERE

The stroller is plastic with a wire frame.  I am not sure of the age or if it was even meant to be a toy or maybe a party favor?  I will keep it with my plastic Ideal and Renwall collection.      To see some of those collections, click HERE

Monday, February 5, 2018

Recent Acquisitions

I have not gotten a lot of miniature work done in the past month, but I have acquired a few items here and there.
From left to right - a few 1/2" scale Tootsie Toy miniatures painted gold, a 1:12" scale ceramic "Chippendale" style chair which is actually a container, a wooden corner chair, some 3/4" walnut Strombecker pieces including a piano, a dining table and an end table, a ceramic refrigerator and a small pewter cup.

The pewter cup is marked REVERE PEWTER on the bottom and after a little online research, I found it is called a Jefferson cup.  I figured it make a unique planter.

The chair is actually a decorative box

Here is a close-up of the Tootsietoy pieces.  These are all duplicates so I will most likely be listing them on Ebay along with the Strombecker items.

I found this Tynietoy chair at a local estate sale for $1.

It is marked with an ink stamp on the bottom.

I came across these 1:12" scale wooden pieces at another estate sale.

I also picked up this house.  It needs a few repairs, but it is in pretty great shape.

Here is a view inside