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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Recent Acquisitions & Magazine News!

I have come across a few interesting finds at estate sales.

The Victorian Chair, gum ball machine and resin bench are all 1" scale items.
I had never seen a gum ball machine with the words on the the dome before.
I also came across a Japanese plate with a stand, a wooden Coca-Cola crate and my second Tupperware bowl.

The 4 chairs are 3/4" scale and are marked "Williamsberg KIRK STIEFF PEWTER" on the bottom of each seat. See below:

In other news, an article that I wrote about my Kage brand miniature collection was published this month in dollhouse miniatures!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Recent Acquisitions

I came across this 3/4" scale wood miniature  set of living room furniture this weekend at a small antique store in a nearby town. I really enjoy the Art Deco stenciled graphics and geometric shapes of the furniture.

After doing a little research, I discovered that this is a complete set of living room furniture by the Jaymar company company and sold for $1.89 in 1933.  The line was called "Happy Hour Dollhouse Furniture"

I came across this medal garden bench and and homemade plant stand at a local antique mall.  The bench is marked Raine on the bottom.  

I also came across a whole cache of vintage miniatures at an estate sale.  There were two giant plastic bags of this stuff for just $3!