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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Biggest Miniature Yet

Pictured above is a Tynietoy Chippendale sitting on a miniature carved Chippendale Chair.  The larger version here was a recent purchase at an estate sale.  It measures about 2 feet tall and 12 inches across.

 The chair is carved from oak and the seat is upholstered in red velvet.  I am considering recovering it in a more traditional fabric.

 The chair seemed like an interesting place to display my smallest miniatures.  I have a 1/144 scale house and all of its belongings.

 I acquired most of the pieces from a fellow miniaturist who had recently purchased in bulk, 'tons' of the lead miniatures.
Everything you would need to set up house - from kitchen, living room, bathroom, even a bassinet and a vacuum.   There is even a small wishing well for the yard.