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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Recent Acquisitions - Cardboard house

I have added this 1936 Built-Rite County Estate to my collection

It needs a little work, I will need to replicate a few window boxes and awnings.

The graphics on the exterior are wonderful.  I am hoping to be able to remove the tape repairs at the base. (any tips would be appreciated)

 The wall inside the kitchen is a large cupboard complete with labels.

The walls on the interior are plain, but the floors are printed.  I like the rug between the two main downstairs rooms.

In other news, I came across a mixed bag of pieces at an estate sale, all plastic except for the wooden piano. 

The refrigerator and sink both still had the original cardboard on the back.  I have not come across this before!  I believe the numbers are the original prices.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Recent Acquisitions - Club Garage Sale

I have not had a lot of time to work on miniatures much lately, but I have picked up a few items here and there.  The Tulsa Miniature Club had a garage sale that we opened up regionally to the Oklahoma City and Arkansas miniature clubs.  I sold a few items, traded a few and of course purchased some. 

Items from the garage sale included the marble topped table (upper left) the pressed metal Singer sewing machine ( upper right) vintage wire shelf units, the silver candle holder with frame, and the stained oak double pedestal table.  I have purchased the Petite Princess end table, lamp and brass planter on Ebay.  I picked up the brass candle holder, and the metal boxes at estate sales.  The Chippendale chairs were on Ebay and are part of the Take-A-Seat Collection.  I found the antique cast iron Kent stove at an antique shop in Utah. 

 The stained oak double pedestal table was in pieces in a zip-lock bag and was a fun mini-project.

 To see the rest of my Willets take-a-seat collection, click HERE  The table has real marble top and is signed and dated on the bottom (1997) The chairs are resin.

The Kent cast iron stove is from the 1920's-1930's.  It has been painted a few times so I will probably strip it and restore the original colors (blue and silver)

I was intrigued by this singer sewing machine.  I have not seen a pressed metal one like it before.  If anyone has any info, I'd love to hear from you.  I plan on putting it in my Tynietoy house in the pink bedroom.

I liked the retro look of the wire shelves and will most likely keep them with my Petite Princess collection. The table, lamp, basket and planter are Petite Princess.  You can read more about Petite Princess Fantasy Furniture in my latest article in Dollhouse Miniatures.

Lastly, I came across this leather Moroccan wallet at an estate sale.  It is similar to the Moroccan book cover that I found not too long ago.  I think that I will use it as a rug with my green bedroom furniture in my Philco Radio House.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Recent Acquisitions - Petite Princess Fantasy Furniture Collection

I have found a few pieces to add to my 1964 Ideal Petite Princess Fantasy Furniture Collection.

I finally found a Little Princess Bed to go with my other bedroom furniture.  I have been holding out to find one that was fully intact.  Usually the flame or finials are missing from the headboard.  These beds came in pink or blue.  Since I have the pink dressing table, I was looking for a pink bed.  The bed features a genuine satin cover and hand-stitched lace trim. Other items include the brass Salon Planter, the acrylic Salon Coffee table with a brass Buddha statue, flower vase, coffee pot, creamer and two bowls.  I also acquired the brass candle sticks that go with the Regency Hearthplace and a framed print. 

Here is a close-up of the accessories mentioned above.
Be sure to look for my upcoming article about the line.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Recent Acquisitions

I have picked up a few items here there - mostly at estate sales in the area.

 Starting at the top - I came across these six containers (only one lid)  I'm not entirely sure what they are but I am going to use them for planters on my Art Deco Philco Radio house terrace.  Any thoughts on what they are?  Possibly salt containers?  I think they might be made from plaster.  Any help would be appreciated.  The wicker stroller, oak night stand and metal wash stand came from the same estate sale.  I think the oak piece needs a much smaller knob, unless this is original and worth something?? The wash stand is larger than 1:12 and I will be listing it on Ebay.  Other recent finds, Pink canisters on Ebay & vintage copper, and old glass dish marked "Made in Japan, a framed cross stitch soldier in a metal frame, a mouse trap and a couple of Krysebon miniatures ( spice drawers and phone.  My most recent find is the "rug"  Its actually a vintage leather Moroccan book cover embossed with 22 Karat gold!  

I plan to use the Moroccan leather book cover as a rug in my Art Deco Philco Radio house and the back flap as the ceiling. (see below)  My only quandary is should I cut it up or not?  While I only paid a few dollars for it, I found a couple online and they are kind of valuable... thoughts?

Monday, July 1, 2019

Barbie at Crystal Bridges

I recently spent the day at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville Arkansas. (To see my previous post about the museum click HERE)

Here is picture of the museum from the architects website.

The museum has a temporary display by American photographer David Levinthal, who has been photographing small toys and collectibles in lifelike portrayals for over five decades. The display is called Barbie and Baseball. The photographs were recently gifted to the museum and were on display for the first time. The show coincides with Barbie's 60th birthday this year! I took pictures of a few of the Barbie images.

From the museum website: Artist David Levinthal is known for his photographs of dolls and toys staged like real-life photographs. In these photographs, he explores topics of racism, sexism, and politics. In his series Barbie (1997-1998), Levinthal photographs Barbies as if they were models in order to spark discussion about how women have been objectified, especially in the post-war era. He adheres to traditional beauty standards of the time and dresses them in cosmopolitan and trendy clothing mirroring traditional model portraits of women found in magazines and fashion catalogs.

Since the 1980s, Barbie has increasingly become more diverse. In response to the criticism of unrealistic and limited beauty standards, Mattel Inc. began to expand Barbie’s look to better fit America’s demographics. In 1980, the first African American and Latina Barbies were created, and since then, 40 more international Barbies have been released. Barbie’s story is now a more truthful representation of the diversity of the world.

Happy birthday, Barbie Millicent Roberts – 60 looks good on you!

 The exhibit also includes an area where you can pose a few Barbies and take your own pictures.

Here was mine!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Philco Radio House Penthouse

This is the penthouse that I came up with for the Philco Radio house!

After I sketched up some concepts, I cut some plywood walls for the penthouse.

I did a little research and wanted to include some architectural elements from the 1930's, round porthole windows, corner windows, glass block, a flat roof, rounded corners, stucco exterior,  and accent bands.  The roof deck will also have ship railings which was also indicative of that era.

I saw the glass tile and decided it would be great for the patio on the roof deck.  I used cardboard squares to located glass block while I waited for it to arrive.

I was excited to to find a hole cutter the exact size that I needed for the porthole windows.

I found some glass block online at

After marking the placement of the glass block, I drilled a hole in each of the locations so that I could use my scroll saw to cut out each hole.

Using the scroll saw, you have to take the blade off between each cut and insert it in the drilled holes.  This took a while.

This was the dry fit of the glass block

This is my proposed placement of the of the Arcade Cast Iron furniture

This was the installation of the glass tile on the roof deck patio

I cut the tile to match the shape of the radio of the top.

I taped the tile off so that I could grout it.

This is the decorative roof element under construction.  I used an iron on veneer on the edge of the plywood to give it a smooth surface.

Here is a picture of the tile once the grout was dry

I am planning on putting this Arcade table and chairs on the deck

I found the perfect door online for the project

I pre-painted the wood trim that I used for the accent stripes.

I decided to paint the windows on the rest of the house a dark metallic bronze color, similar to the radio controls.

I glued the accent stripes on then cut out the holes for the windows.
I made a design change and glued the roof on top and covered it with the iron on veneer tape.  I was initially going to set it lower than the walls.  The balcony roof will rest against the edge of the veneer strip. 

Now with the addition of the penthouse, I can fit all of my furniture collection in the house.  Be sure to see my previous post on the Philco Radio House or click the label.

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