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Friday, May 3, 2019

Recent Acquisitions

Recent acquisitions include a canopy bed, pedestal desk, an "antique" wall phone and a couple of vintage non-working lamps from a recent estate sale here in Tulsa. I purchased the gilded clock on a recent trip to NYC and the remaining three clocks are Ebay purchases.  The two cream colored clocks are antique RENWAL.

The clocks will go in my clock shop room box that I have been working on.

I picked up these tiny souvenirs on a recent trip to NYC.  I'm going to place them in my Kage house.  I think they are probably 3D printed and stand less than an inch tall.

My collection of vintage lamps grows! I'm going to put these in my Victorian house.

The vintage pedestal desk is marked FORMERZ on the bottom and has a working drawer.

The vintage bed is by SHACKMAN

And in other news, I have made some progress on my clock shop room box.  A friend of mine cut out a vinyl clock face that I stuck to the glass "window" of the shop.

Below is what it looks like in place.  
I will post more pics of the clock shop later!

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Exhibit at the Met Breuer

On a recent trip to New York City, I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I asked our tour guide if there were any dollhouses or miniatures in the museum and she told me about an exhibit at the Met Breuer by Iranian American artist Siah Armajani called "Follow This Line" which included dollhouse parts.

The Met Breuer is a building near the Metropolitan Museum of Art that showcases works from the Met's collection that are "thematic".  The building was designed by Marcel Breuer in 1966.

The exhibit featured over a hundred items spanning the last 60 years of his work.  Many of the studies included pieces of antique dollhouse parts and dollhouse furniture.  One description noted that Armajani's pieces are not designed for habitation, instead, they articulate various ways of mapping site and location in time and space.

This piece is called The First House (1970) 

Other pieces like this one, entitled Gazebo for One Anarchist: Luigi Galleani was made from balsa wood. (1991)

This piece called Persian Garden #1 (1983), was constructed of wood, paint, flocking paper and transfer type letters.  

This piece is called Bridge Over Tree (1970) and a full scale piece is currently on display in Brooklyn Bridge Park to coincide with the exhibition

Click HERE to see a short video about the exhibition and the building of the bridge piece or click below:

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Magazine Publication News

Be sure to check out my latest article about the history of 3/4" scale Strombecker painted dollhouse furniture and the 1930's depression era house where it resides.

The article is in the May Issue of Dollhouse Miniatures Magazine

To see my Strombecker collection click a link below:

Friday, March 29, 2019

Clock Shop Room Box

Those of you that follow me on Instagram ( tulsaarchitect ) have already seen some of the progress on my clock shop room box.  

I have been 'toying' around with what items to place inside it.  

I picked up the mantle clock base at an estate sale for a few bucks.  I liked the architectural look of it. It is made from wood.

It also has some neat details carved into it and some interesting faux marble accents.  From what I can tell online, this type of clock was manufactured between 1850 - 1930.

The bottom is marked Russia - and has a little termite damage.

 I have picked up a few clocks here and there so I decided it would be a fun place to show them off in a clock shop.
One of the challenges of this piece is all of the miscellaneous pieces of wood that protrude into the box.  Its actually a pretty small space 4.5" D X 11" W 

I took the box partially apart.  It was put together with some really old flat head screws.
This allowed me to cut out some of the protrusions inside and give me a little more space.

I also removed the angled base trim pieces on each side to allow the opening to go clear to the floor and have some added height inside the space.  The area of raw wood is where I cut away pieces inside to allow for flush walls inside the room. I'm not sure what they stained the wood with in Russia a hundred years ago, but I ended up inhaling a bunch of it when I ran it through the table say and while sanding.

I used some sturdy cardboard for the interior walls. I initially wanted to go with an all white interior to contrast with the black exterior.  I also considered building in some recessed shelves, but there is not really enough room.

I painted the inside with bright white craft paint and added some textured scrapbook paper to the ceiling.  This was to represent an old tin ceiling.

I added a some pieces of wood on each side and at the tops to fill in the voids.
The wood baseboards and crown molding are painted and ready to be installed.

I  used some checkerboard scrap book paper for the floor and a piece of white wood trim on the edge.

After some consideration I decided to do something a little more interesting than white walls.  I experimented with an ombre' technique using some of the colors from the faux marble on the outside of the box. 

a close-up of the faux marble trim on the outside

This was how I achieved the wall color.  I started with globs of paint, some water and kind of blended it all together.  Then dried it with my wife's hair dryer. (please don't tell her )

This was what I have ended up with so far with some furniture for scale. It's still a work in progress.  I have been contemplating  if I should light it or not, add some shine to the floor, working on the round window, and some more clocks for the display.
Stay tuned!

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Carl Forslund Chairs

I came across a couple of Carl Forslund chairs on ebay.  They were not marked, but I knew what they were ;)  They are in near mint condition compared to the other pieces that I have come across.

Here is the logo on the bottom of a table. 

And my Carl Forslund collection grows!  

It is pretty hard to find information about the company. I came across one site that said. "Carl Forslund was a full-size furniture company in Michigan. For a short period in the late 1940's, they had miniature versions of their full-size furniture hand made from cherry wood."

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Recent Acquisitions

I have recently found a few interesting items here and there.
All of the items are roughly 1:12 scale.  An old time Unical/Union 76 gas pump, a ceramic living room set, a vase from Mexico, a bird cage and a toaster! 

My parents owned a Union 76 service station when I was growing up so it was fun to find this at a local estate sale.  This pump is very nice with a glass top and and a heavy metal base.

The ceramic living room couch, chair and table are pretty unique.  I'm not exactly sure what I will do with them, but I have never seen anything like them before, at least not at this scale.  UPDATE - I found another set of these online advertised as Antique Maruyama Toki Yamashiro Ryunei porcelain from the 1930's. 

They are marked Made in Japan on the bottom.

I found a whole stack of antique tobacco felt rugs at antique mall for $10.  
I couldn't pass that up!

Most are marked on the bottom, but it is still hard to make out the words.
*UPDATE* I have learned that Egyptian Straights was a brand of cigarettes.

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