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Thursday, February 13, 2020

February Social Media Updates

I have been having a lot of fun on my Instagram account recently.  
Please feel free to follow Tulsa Tiny Stuff there or on Facebook as well!

This was the broom challenge in my 1940's Kage House.

This post was for Galentine's Day - entitled Love Potion No. 9 and featured some 1:12 antique Strombecker pieces.

And this is my Valentine's Day post!

Earlier in the month I posted the picture entitled
"Mrs Peacock in the Goebel Miniatures Stuart Library with a candlestick"

I found this hard plastic pillow with a tiny tassel at an estate sale today.  It is actually a small ring box. 


  1. Hi Troy! You sure are having fun! The "set-ups" are really amusing and make good use of your large and varied collection! I am glad you are having so much fun with this! I am also glad you are posting these here... I am not on instagram or facebook.... I enjoy words and instructions with my eye-candy... and just don't have time for the "instant" stuff! Who knows, maybe when I retire I will have time to join those parties..... meanwhile I am happy that bloggers are still blogging! :):)

  2. I follow the blog and Instagram. I like both.

    For learning something though, nothing takes the place of reading (at least for me). So I tend to hit up blogs first.

    I'm trying to remember to post on both but Instagram isn't second nature the way the blog is.

  3. I have a number of the Goebel Miniatures from the Stuart Library from back in the day, however my collection is nowhere near as complete as yours- so WOW Troy!
    And although I have do have an Instagram account, I've yet to use it and so I often forget about it until one of my friends tells me about a post- So many GORGEOUS MINIS yet SO LITTLE TIME!
    Happy Valentines Day!!!!


  4. sorry I don't do fb or insta both are just not my thing, Im only on twitter for a few chuckles they posted the broom challenge as trending I haven't tried it though

    take care

  5. These were all such charming scenes with so much goodness to behold! I am so happy that you have connected with "our people" on Instagram and are having another fun outlet to share your amazing collection!

  6. Nice kitchen, I think the 2 cupboards in photo 4 are great

  7. They're all lovely. I don't do FB anymore but I've found you on IG.

  8. I too am a blog reader and having gravitated to FB or IG for my fix, so thank you for staying here too. Love your vignettes, always interesting stuff to see.

  9. I'm really enjoying your daily posts. They're very educational, informational, and lots of fun! Thanks for sharing.