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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Recent Acquisitions

Happy New Year!

I have picked up a few items here and there since my last "Recent Acquisitions" post

I came across this dining room set at an estate sale.  
I cannot find it in any of my miniature books.  I think it may be homemade?  
The chair seats are flocked with a dark blue material and need a little TLC.

I have already cut and bent the wood to fix them the missing pieces.  
Now I need to get get the stain just right.

I bent the wood by soaking it in water and holding it in place with rubber bands around a paint can that had the radius I needed.

I came across these items at estate sales too.  
The 3 small vases were at one, the porcelain birdhouse at another (It is marked Lenox on the bottom), and the fireplace and Chippendale Breakfront x-acto kit were at another.  
I did an inventory of the kit and it is missing a few pieces, but I am up for the challenge!

This red velvet Victorian parlor furniture was at another estate sale. These pieces helped decorate the little Christmas tree in my studio.


  1. Hi, Troy - I really like your new dining set; if it's homemade, it was certainly done well. The curved arms on the chairs are beautiful. I'm very impressed that you thought to curve the back pieces by wrapping them around a paint can! (I don't do things like figuring the radius of anything.) I'm in love with the white Christmas tree decorated with the red velvet furniture. Perfection!

  2. Hi, Troy! Great purchase! I think that the recovery of chairs difficult job, and you do it professionally. Your tree is very creative.