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Monday, December 13, 2010

Miscelaneous Finds

I will be the first one to tell you that I am not into ceramic kitties, however I cam across these guys at an estate sale and figured the $2.00 would be worth it.  The pail, spilled milk, and kittens are all made from ceramic, very tiny, and will add some character to a room at some point.

I have come accross a few of these 'reed' chairs in past seen them published in books.  I figured the price was right.  They were manufactured in Japan during the 1930's and will add a little 'shabby chic' to a mini room somewhere.

 These are part of a box set, sadly it is missing the toilet.  The tub, sink, and towel bar are part of a set manufactured by Jaymar and the furniture is called "Happy Hour Doll House Furniture"  also from the 1930's and I suspect the kitchen set below is from the same company, since I purchased them together.

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  1. The kitties remind me of my childhood. I had quite a fling with those sets of animals when I was eight.You should see the duckies. It was meaningful.
    Happy holidays, CM