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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cozy Cabin Wiring

I started the cabin project quite a while ago.  This week I have had the cabin up on the work bench and elevated on a couple of plastic bins so I could get into the "crawl space" underneath and work on the wiring.

The foundation is less than two inches tall and is a framework of supports under some thin plywood.  I have been drilling holes through the frame to gather all of the wiring and get it routed to the power strip.

 The wiring has been kind of temporary, up until this point and I didnt want the weight of the house to damage any of it.

I designed an elevated base for the master bedroom fireplace which will hide the electrical strip. Once I get the wiring all squared away, I plan to resume working on the stone.  I am going to create stone with paperclay for both fireplaces, the porch, and the foundation all the way around the cabin.

I won an ebay auction a while back with several light fixtures.  I have narrowed the front porch fixture down to these three.  I am leaning towards using the lantern on the right, which is your pick?


  1. I love your cabin project. I also love the three lanterns, particularly the middle one, but the one on the right might be more appropriate for your cabin.

  2. Ah wiring, always such fun ;-) I agree with 12Create, all three lanterns are very nice, I love the middle lantern, but think the one one the right would be best for your front porch.

  3. I love the lanterns, I like the one on the left. But that is my taste. I have to wire my renovated house one of these days and I do not enjoy it but a house with lights is much nicer so it is a job I have to do. Good luck with the wiring!
    Miniature greetings

  4. Hello Troy,
    I must say your cabin is just fantastic. I love it. I cannot wait to see it all finished and all lit up. Great win on the auction.
    Happy 2014.
    Big hug,

  5. I love the middle one. I imagine that light would look lovely coming through that glass. =0)

  6. Troy,
    Your cabin is so awesome! With lighting it will be even awesomer (not a word huh?) I like the lantern in the middle but don't think it will fit with the house. After that either would look just as good I think.

  7. Your cabin is fantastic! And I like the lantern.
    Greetings, Faby

  8. Nice cabin!! The street lamps are fantastic!

  9. hi Troy
    Im with you I like the one on the right :)