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Monday, January 20, 2014

Round Barn & POPS

The round barn in Arcadia Oklahoma is a small gift shop/tourist attraction along the infamous Route 66.

Here is a section drawing that shows how the building is put together.  It was built in 1898, before statehood.  After years of neglect, it was nearly in shambles, but loving restored in 1992.

One of the displays inside the barn is  this miniature architectural model of the barn itself.  The barn has been the subject of documentaries and even in a calendar of Route 66 attractions.

The barn has it's own website HERE

My son Cole posing by the sign out front

Here is a picture of me and my mom at the barn.

 Here is a shot of the ceiling structure inside the upstairs room.  There are no supports and the span is quite impressive.  The room is rented out for parties and meetings.

This is true reason my kids like to stop in Arcadia Oklahoma - an ultra modern soda shop called POPS.  POPS has it's own website HERE

POPS contains a restaurant and a truly amazing assortment of soda pop from all over the world, and it is a great place to find a toilet between Oklahoma City and Tulsa!

I chose a canadian orange creme soda, my son chose a chocolate soda, grandma found a sugar free black cherry soda and my daughter found a pink lemonade from France.  Special thanks to my wife taking the picture!


  1. The architecture of the round barn is fabulous and what a cool soda shop.

  2. Hello Troy,
    It looks like you had a great family day. The barn is just spectacular. what a wonderful structure so full of interest and detail. Thank you for sharing these great pictures with about inspiration.
    Big hug,

  3. I am not familiar with a soda shop, but it looks cool! The barn is awesome and spectacular, Troy, what a great architecture, it gives me inspiration for a special project for which I couldn't find the solution, so thank you for showing these pictures:D! Enjoy the days out with family.