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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Oklahoma City Day Trip

Now that I have your attention ...

Just kidding..  This was our desert after a great concert this afternoon.  We attended my daughter's All-State Choir Concert in Oklahoma City.  I am so proud of her!

We got there a little early and I noticed a bunch of shops across the street.  We wandered over and browsed.   I think I may have found one of my new favorite shops !

 I had not seen this great Reutter bathroom accessories package before.
 I really liked this bathroom set, I am thinking something like this in my Victorian house.
 I envisioned some great bedding on the these.
 I think I have all of these red velvet chairs, but I loved the pink and floral day bed.  I also liked the fireplace behind the red chairs, the cabinet above it had tiny metal screens and glass in each of the doors.
 This desk and chair were very detailed.
 I really loved these two green chairs.
Lots of great pieces for a shop. Man I have expensive tastes!
 There are those chairs again !
 I have seen these stoves in catalogs, but not in person.  Very detailed
I liked these white pieces - it would be great in a some sort of shop.  My wife will be glad to know, that I didn't but anything, but I did envision future trips to Oklahoma City with stops to this shop.


  1. Felicitaciones por tu hija Troy, es para estar orgulloso.
    Las cosas que encontraste son hermosas. no compraste nada?
    Un abrazo

  2. How on Earth did you walk out of there empty-handed? You have way better will-power than me! What is the name of that shop and do they sell over the internet?

  3. Hi John, The place was called Apple Tree Antique Gallery, and it was on booth in an antique mall. I wouldn't think that they sell online. It almost felt like it was once someones collection and it was being sold off?