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Friday, January 27, 2012

Cozy Cabin Update

Here is the kitchen space in my cabin - mostly still a blank slate.
I don't remember where I found these tiles, I am thinking it was part of an auction on Ebay. In a box with some windows and doors.  I like them, but I didn't have enough to finish the kitchen.  I also used them in the upstairs bathroom.

 Here are all the pieces I have left.  It is glued to a thin fabric backing.

 This illustrates my dilemma. I scoured the Internet and all of my catalogs.  I considered not putting tile under the sink or some sort of medallion in the center of the room? Maybe a large wood base or border?

 This is what I came up with.  There are still plenty of the Houseworks plain tiles around, just not the checkerboard.  My solution was to make a border out of the plain tiles.  I think once I get it grouted, it should be fine.

 I stuck some of my appliance in to see what it will look like.
The piece in the foreground is actually a Hallmark Christmas ornament.  Its a little small, but I may add some feet to the legs and use it anyway.  Hopefully I can find some time to grout this weekend.  I also found some fabric that I am going to make a skirt out of for the sink.  ( I found the sink at a garage sale for 50 cents!)


  1. Perfect solution! Looks great!!!

  2. I think it looks even better with the border --love when serendipity wins! Happy grouting!