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Friday, January 13, 2012

Artist Inspiration Cabin

A while back, I saw this artist cabin come up for auction.  I was drawn in by some of its features.   I like the copper roof, although parts of it seem a little out of scale.  Parts of the house intrigued me and inspired me.  

I like the use of the glass tiles for accent colors.  I love the little porch on the second floor that also helps define the the main entrance below with a small gable roof.

The wrap around porch adds a lot the character of this house and I really like the round entry at the front and the spindles that connect it to the porch. I also like the artsy corner window on the second floor.  It helps to visually balance the asymmetrical front facade.

 Inside, the wood paneled walls really add a vintage feel to the house.

 Most of the windows are leaded stained glass.  Another nice feature, but perhaps feel a little bit out of scale.
The trim around the doors and windows add a nice level of detail.  I also like how every once and while there is a pop of color, like on the door under the stairs.  I also like the wood tiles on the floor - they reminded me of scrabble pieces!

 The stone fireplace is tucked under the second floor and under a whimsical corner turret .  After viewing some of the elements, it made me want to do some 'out of the ordinary' things to my cabin that I am working on.  

The fireplace appears to be the only pained feature inside aside from a door here and there. I like idea of using the glass tiles and the built-in mirror.  The cabin ended up being out of my price range, but I kept some pictures for inspiration on my future projects.


  1. It's really a good source of inspiration!

  2. Cool house! It has a very 'California-vibe' to it.