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Monday, January 16, 2012

A little progress

I had a little time tonight after we got the kiddos to bed so I decided to start the large fireplace in the living room.  

This was my concept sketch.  I need to find the right piece of wood for the mantle.

I am using air-dry clay.  I first made some flat sheets for the 3 sided of the firebox.  Then I decided that they looked to flat, so I added a few more "stones"

 I rolled a bunch of different size balls with the clay and squished them into shapes.  I put some craft glue on the back of the ones that are next to the log walls.
The box says that there will be some shrinkage when the clay drys. The clay is supposed to dry white, then I play on painting it.  I hope that it holds together as it drys...I will keep you posted.


  1. Wow! Looks awesome even before painting! Great idea to use the air dry clay. I used DAS to mold niches (over a wine bottle)! in my drawing room and it didn't shrink too much at all, if any.

  2. Looks fabulous.I am working on fireplace too but in 1/6th scale for my daughter's house and actually hasn't come up with any idea yet. Can't wait to see the further progress.

  3. Hi Troy,
    Great work! the fireplace looks beautiful and very real. I look forward to seeing the cabin porogress.
    All the best,