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Sunday, January 8, 2012

McLaughin Folding Doll House

I came across this McLaughin Folding Doll House on an online auction site while doing some research for my Victorian house.

I like the detail in this kitchen

Detail of the kitchen floor tile

The Dining room features paneled walls, built-in shelves, and a fireplace with deer antlers hanging overhead.

There is fully furnished folding house at the McKendry website.

The exterior has a brick pattern printed on it with detailed doors and windows that correspond with the doors and windows on the interior.

The original box includes the name of the room.

 The date on the box is 1894

There was another one on eBay not too long ago.  It had some great straight on looking photos, I may try to enlarge them and print them off.

1 comment:

  1. Great little houses! So detailed. :D
    I'm going to try to do my beach house kitchen in a pattern like the first house. Wish me luck!
    Thanks for naming "Eugene." He has quite a future in my little family!