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Friday, August 10, 2018

Tulsa Miniature Club Project Update

I had a little time to work on the exterior walls and roof  of my room box.  I guess I need a name for this project?

We made brick out a thick rough paper.  I was going for an "aged plaster wall" look with a few bricks showing through. I glued the brick on in a few random places, sprayed with a clear sealer (let dry) and then grouted them.  

The grout/plaster is a mixture of drywall spackling compound, a few different colors of craft paint, a little water and some tacky glue for good measure.

 I put on a generous application of the plaster because I wanted it to appear thicker than the bricks. I used this clay took out of my kit to apply the mixture.

Same process on the window wall

I let it sit for a while to set up then I smoothed it with a large drywall trowel

This is the project the next day - still a little damp.  After it dries I will sand it a little more.  Note that I have added the timbers on the exterior to match the interior.

I wanted to do something unique with the roof so I added a dormer window.

Here is the view from the inside.  I will  build a window to fit within the dormer. and add some large timber beams.

The roof is made from foam core board, so I am in the process of painting and adding wood some wood trim to finish off the edges.

I am toying with the idea of doing something different with the shingles like this.  Not sure of the colors yet.  perhaps a weathered gray ? 

The kit included a piece of corrugated cardboard for the roof so I am going to use mine on the dormer.  I painted with some copper paint and a few other colors for some character.


  1. I like the 'tin' roof, with the rusted look. And the dormer is wonderful. I think your shingles might be too busy, plus the curves look odd to me with all the angles you have on the build. I agree, definitely a weathered look, maybe some cedar shake shingles in a brown with moss and the blackish/grey that builds up on an old roof?

    1. My wife said the same thing about the curved shingles. I think you are both right. I will save that for another project. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. What a great little structure with so many interesting and charming details! Can't wait to see how you'll fill it, and what the others in your club have come up with!

  3. Hi Troy! I Love what you are doing with this project! The addition of the roof dormer is a fantastic idea! It adds a very "craftsman" style feel to this corner! The exterior is looking wonderfully aged and I look forward to seeing the shingles in place! What a fun project!

  4. Hi, Troy - I've enjoyed seeing your grout and plaster techniques; the brick showing through the aging stucco looks so realistic. I've liked the dark timber from the beginning, and the beautiful dormer roof is perfect with the dark beams. I think the weathered gray shingles would be a nice contrast to the dark wood trim and the dormer roof. I really like this project, and I'm impatient to see your next post!

  5. Hi Troy. What an interesting and unique project, the dormer with the "tin" roof is a very clever addition. Celia