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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Studio Progress

More progress.  The electrical is done (for now) and so is the insulation.  The drywall starts going up today.

 I have been trying to keep the dogs out - but are sure curious !  

Note the little blue box on the floor - that is going to be a floor outlet for the work table which sits out in the middle of the room.

Nick and Chris ( short for St. Nicholas and Christmas) were abandoned puppies that my son found last Christmas while we were visiting my sister-in-law in Texas.  

This is a picture of the track light that I am using.  Four of these will be mounted on the sloping ceiling around the room to highlight the miniatures.  I chose the oil rubbed bronze finish because it matches the metals in the rest of the house, and I also liked how this fixture mixes contemporary and classic. Drawings can be found here


  1. it's starting to come together! I wish I has a space like that.

  2. The space is coming along nicely and I'm glad Nick & Chris got to check it out. A floor power point is a great idea in a work space.

  3. I would just love this sort of space to spread into. You don't fancy swapping for a teeny terraced house in England do you? =0D
    Bless you for adopting Nick and Chris X

  4. Very smart to put the outlet in the floor. Your dogs are so cute!