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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tin Lithograph Doll Furniture

I came across a collection of metal doll furniture at an estate sale today.  The scale is too big for my taste, but still interesting and fun to see it all together.

The graphics on the inside of the "Polar Refrigerator" are great - note that it is labeled "Wolverine Refrigerator" and each rack is packed with everything you could possibly put in a fridge!

Here is the exterior of the Polar Refrigerator

This metal table and chair set have a image a little girl with a bonnet.  It's always 4 O'Clock in the kitchen below!

Here is a close up of the high chair by J. Chein with a working tray and teddy bear litho - I believe it dates from the 1950's.

I liked the graphics on this cupboard

  Here are a couple of old stoves of varying scales

This small stove was electric

There was also a brightly painted metal doll bed in teals and pinks with printed graphics of little red riding hood on the headboard and foot board.

While I didnt buy any of this stuff, I did pick up a few miniature accessories.


  1. This furniture is really interesting. My kind of fridge - one that never empties!

  2. Those pieces are fabulous, thank you so much for sharing the photos.

  3. It's always a treat to run into old toys --I wish I had the space to collect it!