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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Move In Day

Everything is in the studio.  
Now I need to find the right place for everything and unpack.

The other half of my day was spent hanging Christmas lights outside.  
The small arched window above the garage is the miniature studio.  


  1. Oooh congratulations! The studio space looks wonderful. I bet you are thrilled to bits.

    I love all the lights!!!

  2. It must be a great feeling to have finally moved in and you will enjoy sorting your space and displaying your houses. I love the Christmas lights.

  3. What a great space, it looks beautiful! You have all done this quite quickly I think. Have fun decorating the studio!

  4. Good luck with the "A place for everything, and everything in its place." part of the job, Troy! That's the hardest part. The new room is grand!!!

  5. your room is perfect!you did a great job with the lights!

  6. Hip Hip Hurray! Congratulations! This is a great step to take, you've made it!! Sure, lot's to do still, but you're 'in' :) And before Christmas as well, like Josje I think it all has gone pretty quick & much to plan so too. Enjoy the unpacking and sorting, look at it as one giant Christmas unwrapping. Thumbs up for your house too, it looks delightful if i may say.

  7. Hello Troy,
    I am glad the move is done. What an incredible workspace. Enjoy getting everything in order. Beautiful job with the Christmas lights.
    Big hug,