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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Studio Update

The walls are taking shape.  Hopefully the contractors can finish up the drywall today.

 The space measures just under 500 square feet.

 The area with the windows is going to be Grandma's craft corner.  She likes to do scrapbooking.

 I am going to have a busy weekend.  I have to paint the walls and ceiling because the floor installers will begin next Monday!

The Energy Star windows designed for our region of the country.  


  1. How exciting. It is going to be a wonderful space. :-)

  2. It's looking very nice already Troy. Have fun painting!

  3. Hello Troy,
    what a lot of work, but your studio will be magnificent! hang in there,
    Big hug,

  4. Oh, I see Giac is back from his travels --Hi Giac! --Um, anyway, I can't believe how quickly it's coming together, Troy! Won't be long now and you will be moving all your fab minis in!

  5. Oh My!!! That is going to be a Wonderful space!!! I am glad the contractors are doing the drywall!!! (What a lot of taping!) It's great to see such quick progress!

  6. Ooh WOW! It's coming on nicely!!! Yah, a lot of work, but the satisfaction you'll feel when it's done!! Bit green of envy cos of such an awesome work space i greet you builders :)) Good luck on all those last 'little' jobs.! That 10% of the work can take 60 % of the time

  7. What a great space, I wish I had so much room to play with!!! good luck with the work!

  8. I love your new studio, Troy! You've done a great job in planning and renovating this place. Did you ever decide to alter any features of this room? :)

    Yolande Leake @ Co-Construct

    1. Hi Yolande, click on the label "Studio Space" and you can see all of the updates!