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Monday, November 11, 2013

Frank Phillips House

The Frank Phillips House is located about an hour north of my house in a town called Bartlesville Oklahoma.  Frank Phillips was the brother of Waite Phillips - both gained their fortunes by creating the Phillips Petroleum Company.  You can see my post about Waite Phillip's home The Villa Philbrook here

The house is now a museum and is owned by the Oklahoma Historical Society.  Some of these pictures are from the home's webpage.

Below is a picture of the library.  The phillips were avid readers and the library contains over 2,000 of their original books.  The library also features a secret compartment or "saferoom" behind one of the sections.  These 1930's millionaires didn't want to take any chances!

The house was built in 1908 and underwent major renovations in the 1930's.  Most of the furniture and interior finishes are original to the home and date from that renovation.  Edward Buehler Delk was the architect.

The dining room table could be extended to seat 18 people.  The chandelier is Waterford Crystal and the walls are covered in silk.

The front parlor serves as the music room and is open to the foyer and the dining room.

The kitchen still looks like a step back in time.  The tour guide said that the kitchen was restored to look like it was during the 1930's.

Off the back of the house is the porch where the lady of the house was said to have spent a lot of time reading, playing games, and planning society events.

Upstairs, Mr Phillips and his wife had separate bedrooms.  His was painted decorated with murals and animal skins from his hunting.

In his bathroom, there was a barber chair and all the modern amenities of the day

Mrs Phillip's bedroom was very refined and tasteful.

 Her bathroom featured pink marble on the walls, pink fixtures, and a mirrored ceiling 

The phillip's never had any children of their own, but did take in two foster children.  Two young girls.  this was their suite.


  1. Wow, there are some nice items in this house, and silk wall coverings! Thank you for another interesting post about places you have visited. I love seeing the inside of some of these wonderful old buildings.

  2. So beautiful. Anyone would love to live like that even today!

  3. Hello Troy,
    Thank you so much for telling us about so many wonderful buildings. This one was just fantastic and beautifully preserved. Very inspiring!
    Big hug,

  4. Beautiful...thanks for sharing!