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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Woolaroc Lodge and Wild Animal Preserve

Frank Phillips enjoyed a cabin out in the country not too far from his city home in Bartlesville, OK.  The Frank Phillips home can be found here

The lodge was constructed in 1927 and consists of a large cabin structure that connects 8 bedrooms - 2 of which were for Frank and his wife.

The Lodge was unusual for the day and still contains much of the original furniture, decor and art work.  It overlooks one of the lakes located on the property.

The walls are lined with animal heads and antlers, none of which were hunted.  All of the animals on display died of natural causes and most of which lived on the 3,700 acre preserve that makes up the property

One of the more unique pieces of furniture in the lodge is the pine bark covered Steinway piano, custom made for the millionaire family.  It is actually a player piano !

In addition to the large drive-thru animal preserve on the property, it also houses a premiere world class museum which features the Phillips gun collection which has one of the most complete Colt firearms collections in the world.  There are also both historic and modern native American art displays and collections of unique items from the Phillip's travels.

One of the most fascinating displays that everyone always talks about is a case full of actual shrunken heads from South America

Mr Phillips and his wife are buried on the site in this mausoleum.

Here is another link to the Phillip's city home here


  1. The pine bark covered Steinway piano is really something different!
    and about the shrunken heads... ;)
    Beautiful place this one also! Thanks!

  2. Hello Troy,
    Another wonderful visit. The building is great, but the piano is amazing.
    Big hug,

  3. What a cool place! Taxidermy, shrunken heads,wagon-wheel chandeliers...this place has it ALL!

  4. prachtig !!!
    Ik ben onder de indruk.

    xx conny