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Friday, January 15, 2010

The Tynietoy Adventure Begins

This is how my Tynietoy collecting began: I had been reading some books on antique dollhouse furniture that I had checked out from the library.
I seem to have photographic memory of sorts when it comes to pictures.
I was browsing through a local antique mall and came across these miniatures, mixed with a bunch of antique toys. I had the clerk remove them from the display case so that I could examine them for authenticity. I studied the Tynietoy imprint on the bottom, trying to read it, not really ever seeing it before. I remembered seeing something like them in the books I had checked out from the library a while back. I did some online research and came across Tynietoy, including a plea from someone online willing to purchase Tynietoys from buyers across the U.S. I emailed her these photographs and asked questions. After corresponding back and forth, I decided after talking with my wife that these Tynietoy pieces would be a good investment. I drug my wife down to the antique mall and we made our first Tynietoy purchases. That was September of 2006. Thus, the journey began.

To see the rest of my collection,
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  1. A very big welcome to the blogosphere Troy.

  2. Wonderful collection! How great to run across authentic antique pieces. I am so glad you wrote to me about your blog and I wish you great luck. I am just getting back to my much neglected blog after my laptop died before Christmas and I couldn't take up too much time and space on my husband's laptop nor could I check my blog or add to it at work! So thank you for spurring me to get back into it on my new laptop.