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Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Stuart Library Collection


The Stuart Library Collection 
Goebel Miniatures & Company

The library room box was available and each piece of furniture was sold separately.
Each piece is a perfect 1 inch scale replica and had the name of the item and the year of production incised on the bottom along with an imprint of a butterfly.  The pieces are from the Butterfly Collection and were made in the U.S.
The furniture is made from plastic resin material.  The picture above is from a small brochure inside the box.
I recently saw a room box for auction on Ebay.  But the price went higher than I was willing to pay.  I have collected 6 of the 7 pieces. 


The Queen Anne Secretary is labeled No. 104-P0 
The brochure inside states that this design dates from 1710-1720 and the piece came with mirror panels that could be used in place of the glass in the door.  Both were appropriate for the period.  The piece is made to simulate oak.  All of the doors and drawers are operable and the hardware is brass.


 The Queen Anne Secretary with the drop leaf desk closed.


 The Charles II Armchair No. 101-W0.  The style of the chair has Spanish and Flemish influences is decorated with Baroque style scrolls.  The original piece dates from 1685-1700.  The finish on this piece is meant to simulate walnut.


 The William and Mary Side Chair No. 102-L0.  Narrow side chairs with high backs were typical of the end of the seventeenth century.  The historic chairs were originally made from walnut, and copies were made in beechwood, painted black or lacquered to resemble more expensive walnut. 


The William and Mary Side table No. 106-P0.  This reproduction simulates walnut on this seventeenth century reproduction.  The original tabletop was a solid plank of wood and inspired veneer inlaid furniture.  The drawer is operable and a detail of the top is shown below.

The Queen Anne Bookcase No. 103-W0.  This reproduction dates from a piece built around 1710.  The only ornamentation is in the bracket style feet and the brass hardware.  All four doors are operable.


  1. Beautiful. I think it's humorous that Michael's hutches have tried to mimic the bracket style feet on their cheapo hutches! They don't come close!

  2. I have this entire room with the original boxes and case. Thanks for the information.

  3. I also have the entire room with the original boxes. I have used it as a base with many additions. I am glad for the information.