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Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Kilgore Collection

1920’s – 1930’s Manufacturer: Kilgore Mfg. Co. of Westerville, Ohio.

My goal is to find out information about each piece, its propper name, dimensions and part number.

(any help would be appreciated)

This dining room or kitchen side chair is gray and stands 2-1/2 inches height and 1-1/4 width and depth. The original paint is very good, has very few chips, and has the numbers 15 stamped on the bottom

This baby high chair is white and stands 3-1/8 inches height, 1-1/2 width and 1-3/4 inches depth. Not sure if this is the original paint has a few chips; the molding on back is not smooth. Unmarked.

This kitchen stove is made of cast iron and does not  its original green paint. I found it in a box of old miniatures I bought at an estate sale.  Sadly, the door is missing.  Size: 2-1/4 inches length, 2-inches height, and 1-1/8 inch width. Condition: very good, with minor paint chips.

This sink is a gray color and stands 1-3/4 inches height, length of 1-3/4 inches and depth of 1-1/4 inch. It has minor chips to the original paint.

This is a cast iron, miniature sweeper, made by the Kilgore Mfg.Co. of Westerville,Ohio. This Sally Ann Sweeper was made in the 1930’s as part of their dollhouse toys collection. Made of cast iron, it has Sally Ann written on the top in raised lettering, bottom is tin, handle is nickel plated . Size is 3 ½ inches height and base is 1-1/4 inch by 2 inches, wheels turn as intended, most of original paint remains. This is shown it both their 1929 and 1931 catalogs as "enameled baby blue" but looks blue/gray to me. It was their stock No. T-27 Carpet Sweeper, and was sold both alone and in boxed sets with other household pieces.

Kilgore, Cast Iron, Dollhouse Furniture, Rocker/ Rocking Chair –Green Cast iron dollhouse toys made in the 1920’s –1930’s by the Kilgore Mfg. Co. of Westerville, Ohio. Shown in the 1929 Kilgore Toy Catalog as the No. T-2 Toy Rocking Chair, it is 2-1/2 inches height, width is 1-1/2 inches and the length is 2 inches. Unmarked, paint shows wear and chips as shown in photos. Color is original green.

Here’s a 1930’s cast iron swing, a dollhouse furniture item, with the original blue paint, marked on bottom of the swing seat # 15 . Measures 3 ½ inches in length, 1-¾ inches in height, 1 ½ inches width, and in nice condition, except for paint chips as shown.
Ref: From the 1931 Kilgore Catalog, this is the No.T-18 Lawn Swing, from the Sally Ann Playground toy set No. T-490.

Kilgore, Cast Iron, Dollhouse Furniture, Blue Slide Cast iron dollhouse toys made in the 1920’s –1930’s by the Kilgore Mfg. Co., Westerville, Ohio. This blue slide is 2 inches in height, 4-½ inches length, and just under an inch in width. Very nice condition and original paint, marked on the bottom #7.

This blue "Kid's Car" is listed in the 1929 KILGORE Catalog as No. T-19. It looks like a scooter, or tri cycle is marked on the bottom: Pat Applied For- Kilgore & #12. Is 3 inches length, 2 inches width, 2 ¼ inches height, all three wheels are nickel plated and all turn as intended. Nice condition, original enameled paint.

This see-saw / teeter-totter has its original blue paint.

This stroller/pull cart is shown in the 1929 Kilgore Toy Catalog as the No. T-16. It has original blue paint, and nickel-plated wheels. Size: 3-1/2 inches length, 1-1/2 inches height, 1-1/4 inches width. Nice played with condition, some paint chips

This washing machine is complete with a nickel plated lid and agitator and wringer.  The rubber on the wringer is showing some age, but the pieces still rotate.

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