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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Something for Baby

I am a member of the Tulsa Miniature Club. Our local chapter hosted a State Day event. Each member of the club was charged with creating a centerpiece for each of the tables. The centerpiece would be given to one lucky person at the table.

This project was created using foam core for the body of the box. It is scaled 1"=1'-0".

I started off by putting in a wood floor with some leftover parts from one of my miniature room projects. I stained some small pieces of wood trim and some scrap pieces of laser cut Victorian style gingerbread trim. I wallpapered the box inside and out and installed a wood window. The wallpaper had a alphabet block border which I used inside the room. I made an oval shaped braided rug to 'soften' up the piece out of some silky, fuzzy yarn.

The furniture is all off the shelf items from Hobby Lobby. I did add some lace to the bottom of the crib and found some corresponding fabric to make my own bedding and window treatments.
The basket was made by a local club member and included a mini-baby bottle, teddy bear and some small alphabet blocks. The two baby outfits hanging on the crib are off the shelf scrapbook items.

I created a window box valance out of some mat board scraps and covered it with the wallpaper border and added some of the same lace that I used under the crib. I made a roman type shade out the same fabric that I used for the bedding. I found some tiny buttons in the scrap book section and used those to decorate and also as the 'finials' on the pull strings for the blinds. I filled the toy chest with toys - a big teddy bear and a small lead dollhouse that I painted white.
I finished off the exterior with some wire edged ribbon to create the illusion of actually being a big present.

My daughter Carolyn and I were also responsible for building 100 fireplaces and 100 cakes.

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