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Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Strombecker Walnut 1inch Scale Collection


DeLuxe Genuine American Black Walnut  Doll House Furniture
 1930's - 1950's

Each piece is stamped in gold letters on the bottom "Strombecker Genuine Walnut"
My goal is to find out information about each piece, its propper name, dimensions and part number.

(any help would be appreciated)

The grand piano was the most expensive piece in the collection in 1937.  It sold for $5.00

This was the design of the early version of the Dinning room sets 
in the later 1930's the design changed ( see below)


1930's dining room buffet with working drawer.


The Tea Wagon was added to the line in the 1940's


The dinning room sets of the 1940's and 1950's had straight, flaired legs.


This dining room table is from the more expensive line and opens up to allow for a leaf to be added.


This side table was sold with the living room sets in the 1930's

The vanity and bench were part of the bedroom sets from the 1930's

The chest was part of the bedroom set in the 1930's

The twin beds stayed the same from the 1930's thru the late 40's

The Governor Winthrop Secretary featured glass in the doors, a drop leaf, 3 working drawers and books.
It was part of the more expensive line and sold for $2.75 in the mid 1930's

This coffee table came out in the late 1930's 


 This is a dining room side chair that was available with the more expensive line in 1938.


 I cant find this piece in the catalogs, but the legs match the style of furniture in the late 1940's.



The tilt top table was available in 1937 in the more expensive line and  is clearly marked on the bottom,.


This table was added to the Strombecker line in the 1940's.


 The grandfather clock was had an arched piece on the top and was available in the 1930's and 1940's


 The television was added to the Strombecker line in the 1950's


 This early version radio was available in the 1930's,  a more sleek modern version was added in the 1940's


  1. Hi Troy. What a great collection, especially the tea wagon. Hows this for a coincidence? I recently found an interesting site which actually had Strombecker furniture - your little flip top table is on there. If you have not found this site have a look.

  2. Hey! they have your secretary (or bookcase) too!

  3. Hi Pandora, thanks for your comments. I do have a link to mckendry on my site.