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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Shabby Chic Hydrangea Planter Box

Our local miniature club worked on a hydrangea planter box last month.

A thank you to Carolyn who put together the kits which included all of the pre-cut pieces that we needed to build the wooden box, some soil, florist foam and the pieces to build the flowers.  She also included a small picture of the finished product to aid in construction.

The first step was to glue together and paint the wooden box.  Here is mine held in place with a rubber band while the glue dried.

After the box was glued together, we glued in a piece of florist's foam.  In anticipation of putting my project in my Shabby Chic Cabin project (another Tulsa Miniature Club project) I painted my wooden box white to match the rest of my cabin.

Here is glue applied to the foam to hold the  "soil" in place.  

While the glue was drying under the soil, I started constructing the hydrangeas.  These were assembled by gluing a small inexpensive "Mardi-Gras" type bead to a piece of wire.

The petals of the flower were tiny pieces of tissue paper that had been punched out using a flower shape.  Using a stylus tool, we shaped them into a more realistic looking bloom, by pressing the paper into a piece of foam and curling the edges up.

The bloom was then dipped in some craft glue and applied to the bead.  I inserted the wire/bead base into the foam before I started gluing the petals on.

I added some small pieces of plastic greenery to the wire and then added some green tissue that was also punched out of a flower pattern and molded with a stylus tool.

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  1. I think that the planter box looks great Troy and I also love the addition of the preserved greenery to the wire stems- a terrific idea!

  2. Hi, Troy - The hydrangeas look beautiful; I love that color, and they're shown to perfection in the white planter box. Your cabin porch looks very authentic!

  3. Super cute, Troy! What a great project for a club meeting and fun for everyone to be able to personalize for their projects! Your planter is going to look great for the cabin!

  4. so cute! I need a club like yours!