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Friday, May 3, 2019

Recent Acquisitions

Recent acquisitions include a canopy bed, pedestal desk, an "antique" wall phone and a couple of vintage non-working lamps from a recent estate sale here in Tulsa. I purchased the gilded clock on a recent trip to NYC and the remaining three clocks are Ebay purchases.  The two cream colored clocks are antique RENWAL.

The clocks will go in my clock shop room box that I have been working on.

I picked up these tiny souvenirs on a recent trip to NYC.  I'm going to place them in my Kage house.  I think they are probably 3D printed and stand less than an inch tall.

My collection of vintage lamps grows! I'm going to put these in my Victorian house.

The vintage pedestal desk is marked FORMERZ on the bottom and has a working drawer.

The vintage bed is by SHACKMAN

And in other news, I have made some progress on my clock shop room box.  A friend of mine cut out a vinyl clock face that I stuck to the glass "window" of the shop.

Below is what it looks like in place.  
I will post more pics of the clock shop later!


  1. Those clocks are such great finds. And they'll be great in your clock shop box!

  2. Unas compras estupendas y muy interesantes:-)

  3. The clock face is an ingenious solution for the clock shop! Very clever! Great mini finds, too! Tulsa is a treasure trove for vintage miniatures! Who knew?

  4. Hi, Troy - I'm convinced that I'm looking for minis in all the wrong places! You find such wonderful pieces everywhere you go; you must have a built-in homing device that leads you to just the right spots. Your new clocks are impressive, and they'll look perfect in the clock shop. I love your clock-face window; that's a clever idea. I used to have a desk very like the one you've shown, but I'm not sure where it is now; I may have given it away. I'm going to check through my boxes and bins, because I'm curious to see whether it's the same as yours. Thanks for sharing your latest treasures!