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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Recent Acquisitions

I have not posted about my recent acquisitions in a while.  I have come across a few great finds.  One of the things I enjoy about miniatures is finding items and doing research to figure out what it is and where it came from.  This week I learned that American Girl created and sold 1" scale room boxes back in 2000.  I came across a few at an estate sale.  They are electrified with working lights and are pretty detailed.  

This is the roof top garden.  The lights hanging on the wood trellis work.  The floor is reversible brick or stone. The seat cushions are reversible too - flowers or stripes?

This room is called the Bubble bedroom set.  After doing some research, I learned how each room set worked.  You purchased a blank white box and them room sets and items were sold separately.  The wallpaper, pictures, ceiling trim, baseboard trim and windows etc. are all magnetic. The wallpaper is also reversible so you can change it and move things around.  There are several outlets around the room to plug in the working lamps.  After looking at them, I think I will put the bubble bed in the room below and the purple bed in the room above.

This room's desk and chair and night stand are from the squiggly set and the bed is called the purple bedroom set.  The room boxes each come with a storage drawer and can stack or sit side by side.  I have them all stacked in my studio right now.  Here is a link to a website about them. AG Minis Site They are not produced anymore, but there are several items on Ebay.

I came across these oak  vintage Victorian looking pieces at a garage sale.  They are 1" scale.  I may experiment with the finishes when I find a place for them.

These little frames are from an estate sale.  Not sure who the people are?

I came across this wooden Eames bentwood chair at an estate sale.  It is produced by the Vitra Design museum.  They make miniature copies of famous furniture in 1:6 scale.  (roughly 5 inches tall and 3 inches wide) I currently have it listed on Ebay if you like it!


  1. Belles acquisitions, quel plaisir de partager votre collection.

  2. You ALWAYS manage to find the most interesting miniature Troy!
    I am intrigued by the 12th Scale American Girl room boxes- quite unique in both Style and Scale.
    The furniture is young and quirky and I think that mixing and matching the pieces from each room will make them even more fun to play with!

  3. Hi, Troy - The American Girl room boxes are so interesting - I've never seen any like them. The lively colors and unusual pieces of furniture certainly make the boxes unique. Your finds are always so much fun to see - thanks for sharing them!