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Friday, October 7, 2016

Take A Seat Collection

I have been helping the local miniature club get ready for a show in a few weeks.  One of the projects is a small cabin and I have been cutting out the pieces for the kits.  I know that my family will be glad when I get all of the pieces out of the house!

I have found a few more miniature chairs from the Raine  Take-Seat-Collection.
They are approximately 1"=1'-0" scale and made from metal, resin and plastic.  The company is no longer in business and the chairs have become quite collectible.

This one is called the Willow Rocker.  It is modeled after a 1930's model with sweeping lines that form intricate patterns.

 This chair is modeled after the 18th-century style of King Louis XVI of France with revival straight legs and simple embroidered silk upholstery.

This deck chair is modeled after those found on ships in the early 1900's like the Titanic.

This is my new favorite chair.  It is modeled after architect Le Corbusier's famous chair from the 1920's.  It is finished in chrome and "black leather"

The Peacock Splendor chair is modeled after an artist chair from 2000.

The following chairs have been in my collection for a while, but I decided to photograph them, since I had them all out in one place.

The Longhorn chair is based on a 1930's design and upholstered in "cowhide"

The Adirondack know for it's craftsman style is based on a 1940's style from a mountain resort in upstate New York.

The Red Heart chair is bases on an artist's rendition of a wing back chair from 1999

The Racing Red chair is based on a design from 1991 

The Slope Wing Back chair is based on a chair from 1944 and sits on an a 
frame made of "ebony"

This chair is part of the Biltmore Estate collection and is modeled after a chair that Mrs Vanderbilt has in her private bedroom.  The design if Louis XV Style.

This chair is based on Pierre Paulin's 1966 Ribbon Chair.

This chair is based on Brittian's Charles Renee Mackintosh's famous 
Art Nouveau chair from 1902.  The original was crafted from painted oak.

This chair is called Regency Leopard and based on a design from 1810.  It was inspired by Egyptian tombs that were being discovered at the time.

This chair is miniature replica of George Washington's desk chair.  The original was built by New York cabinet maker Thomas Burling.  The seat sits on a central spindle over bone rollers set in the top of each leg.  This model revolves too.

The Slipper Chair is based on an 1880's style and was designed to accommodate a Victorian Lady's layers of petticoats.

This called the Form and Function chair from 1999

This chair is called Full Circle from 2000 

This chair is titled Mexican Leather and is based on a historic design that utilized pigskin and and wood bound with cactus fibers.

This chair is called San Demas and based on a 1992 design.  The artist reflects elements of French Empire and modern design.

This "leather" miniature is based on chairs designed for the billiards room in the Biltmore Estate.  The original design was based on 17th century chairs from London.

This is miniature copy of Mr Vanderbilt's chair from his bedroom at the Biltmore Estate.  The original was made from walnut and upholstered in 
red wool and designed by Richard Morris Hunt.

The Mission Style Rocker is based on a Gustav Stickley style from the early 1900's.

This chair is simply called Patio and based on a design from 1990.

 This comfy looking green arm chair is called the Viridian and is based on furniture designs from the 1920's.

This ornate chair is part of the Biltmore Estate collection is a copy of the carved walnut chairs found in the music room.

 This  armchair is called Art Nouveau and is based on a chair design from around c.1900.  The frame is meant to simulate carved walnut and the fabric is meant to simulate a golden Art Nouveau motif.


  1. Wow! That horn chair brings back memories. My grandparents had one in their basement and now it lives in my mom's house. It used to have this shiny fake red leather and then it got reupholstered in a slightly more realistic fake leather. The horn is still wonderful though.

    I absolutely love that deck chair though. Perfect looking.

  2. Formidable collection!
    Bon succès pour votre show.

  3. I Love your chair collection! You have so many wonderful pieces! Thank you for sharing them!

  4. Just gorgeous, what a inspiration!

  5. I remember seeing this collection on display back in the 90's at The Seattle Show, and it is just as impressive NOW, as it was then. GREAT to see them again!


  6. The horn chair is the centerpiece of my lone 1:12 house -- I love Take A Seat and have to sit on my hands to not just build houses to display the chairs.

  7. Hello Troy,
    I hope you have a great time at the miniature show. these chairs are beautiful. I have some as well and they are very well made!
    Big hug

  8. Hi, Troy - What an absolutely amazing collection of chairs! They're all wonderful, but I especially like the King Louis XVI chair and the slipper chair. What a privilege to see this collection; thanks for sharing.

  9. Hey, Troy! It's an incredible collection! Each has a small masterpiece. Thank you!