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Monday, October 24, 2016

Sonia Messer Finds

I won these two Sonia Messer Blockhouse chairs on Ebay this week

To see some of my other Sonia Messer collection so far, click HERE

I have started work on some of the other Sonia Messer pieces in my collection that need a few minor repairs.

I purchased a piece of mahogany for the repairs from our local Woodcraft store.

I removed one of the good feet from the table to use as a template.  After a few trys, I found that the white pencil was easier to see on the dark wood then the graphite one.

Here are the rough cut pieces.  I discovered that I was using too large of a blade at first and broke a few pieces while trying to cut them.

I have started the repairs on the secretary doors too. 

If you are have a Michaels Store in your vicinity, they have a quite a few miniature items that they are marketing in the jewelry and bead section!


  1. Hi, Troy - Congratulations on winning the two beautiful chairs! The repair work on the other pieces looks good. Looks hard!

  2. Such nice chairs! The fabric is pretty. Thanks for the tip about Michael's!

  3. I might have to check Michaels out.

    Love those little chairs.

  4. I just revamped a few Sonia Messer pieces that I found at an estate sale. I think you just bought the rest of the pieces from me on Ebay. I may still have some of the feet from the secretary. If I do, then I'll send them along with the rest of the pieces.