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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Recent Acquisitions & More Irons in the Fire

I have picked up a few more items from estate sales in the past few weeks.

A pewter watering can, a small duck vase, a stone carved cat from England, a curved wood stand, a tiny brass rocking horse and an interesting bottle cap.

The cap has two Grecian looking women on top and is made out of plastic.  Anyone have any ideas?  The lady at the estate sale thought it was something fancy, but I assume it may just be AVON ?  I thought it would fit in with my Art Deco Kage house.
To see my Kage collection and the house I am building click HERE

The following are a few projects that I have in the works!

I have been accumulating a few Sonia Messer -Block house pieces.  I have aspirations to do a Sonia Messer furnished house.  Most of these old pieces need some work.
The table needs a couple of new feet, the secretary is missing the side and bottom of the door and a foot.  The chairs need some upholstery.  

I found this 1930's Rich dollhouse a while back and 
have started undertaking fixing the windows.

First I carefully measured and drew them in AutoCAD, 
then laid them out for the vinyl cutting machine

The new vinyl "stickers" are ready to be mounted on some clear plastic and installed.

Never a dull moment !


  1. Buenas adquisiciones!!! La casa es preciosa y el diseño de las ventanas es absolutamente perfecto!!

  2. I think the little cat statue is my favorite of the loot you scored. But I love how the windows are coming for the house. Perfect match!

  3. Hi Troy,
    I love seeing the interesting pieces which you manage to find and show and tell us about. It was a surprise to see the lid with the ladies on it because I had one of those too. I managed to detach the sculpture from the cap which came from a bottle of perfume my mother used to own. It was a very long time ago. It may well be by Avon, it might also be from a vintage bottle of Nina Ricci.

    1. The lady at the estate sale said that she thought it was from a Lalique bottle. I know Lalique made perfume bottles. Small word eh? What did you do with your two ladies? Just out of curiosity - How long was "a very long time ago" ?

  4. Hi, Troy - I've enjoyed looking at all your latest interesting pieces; I love that cat. The (unfinished) story of the perfume bottle is fascinating. It does look like a Lalique piece, but whatever its story, it's a beautiful find.

  5. Lovely things found, congratulations!