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Friday, October 14, 2016

Take A Seat

I was able to find a couple more chairs from the Take-A-Seat Collection

 This comfy looking green arm chair is called the Viridian and is based on furniture designs from the 1920's.

This ornate chair is part of the Biltmore Estate collection and is a copy of the carved walnut chairs found in the music room.

I found a picture online from the estate showing the actual 1890's embroidered chairs.

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 I came across this miniature brass armillary sundial at a local estate sale this week.  
It is marked "Made in Holland" on the bottom.


  1. Los sillones se ven cómodos y preciosos,el reloj es un gran hallazgo!!!

  2. I love the way the green chair looks so nice a plump! One can imagine sitting in it with a good book, a blankie, and a hot cup of coco! :))


  3. Hi, Troy - Thanks for another chair post; these are wonderful chairs, especially the Viridian. What a cozy, comfy chair! How interesting that you could find a photo showing the actual Biltmore Estate chairs. The embroidery is beautiful - on the miniature chair and the real-life ones.