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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Recent Acquisitions

I have picked up a few things here and there over the past few months.  Including this curious ceramic dog.

I came across these miniature boxes at an estate sale for a few bucks each.
The one in front is silver (and needs to be polished!)  It also has glass beads in the top

Below is a photo with each of the boxes open.
The silver one has some sort of white enamel inside and the one with decorative scrolls is lined with red velvet.

 I came across these small ceramic pieces at another estate sale

I purchases these tobacco felt rugs on Ebay.  To read more about my tobacco felt rugs, click HERE 

I was able to find a couple of more resin "Take a seat" chair by Willit's.
This first one is called the Slipper Chair and is a reproduction of a chair from 1880.
It has tiny gold tassels and brass casters on the front feet.  The description with the chair says: Wide enough for a Victorian lady's dress with its ample layers of petticoats, the well-cushioned Slipper Chair often found it place in the boudoir.

The second Willit's chair is called the George Washington Presidential Chair circa 1790.  The description for this chair reads:  In 1790 George Washington purchases this dignified, revolving desk chair, originally known as the "Uncom[mo] Ch[ai]r" from Thomas Burling, a New York cabinetmaker.  The seat turns on a central spindle over bone rollers, one set it to the top of each leg. This miniature reproduction actually turns also.

To see the rest of my Take a Seat collection click HERE 
There are some more HERE too!

Work is continuing on the Cozy Cabin.   I have painted all of the 'in-between" places with a mixture of medium and dark grays.


  1. Hello Troy,
    Firstly, I really love your stone technique. The chimney looks terrific and is perfect for the cabin.
    Secondly, great purchases! I really love the chairs and the rugs...but everything is quite nice. I can't wait to see the items in place.
    big hug

  2. I like how it's turned out, it looks like real grout..funny story I cleaned up my craft room and I opened my pail of air dry had dried was as hard as a rock! so now I have to buy more but at least my craft room is almost clean. you found some treasures

    Marisa :)

  3. Hi, Troy - The stonework is coming along well; I'm really looking forward to seeing the completed project.
    You've found some beautiful new miniatures. I admit that I covet those tiny boxes. I have a collection of small, but not miniature, boxes, which I love. But now I hope I can come across some tiny ones! Thanks for posting your amazing finds.