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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Cozy Cabin Progress

I had a little time this evening to step back and look at my cabin progress. 
(and play a little!)

I painted the rocks on the bedroom fireplace last night and wanted to see how it looked with the furniture.  This is the color scheme I settled on after a few days of playing around with paint.

 I have had this bed for many years.  I selected it for the cabin because I liked how it matched the floors and the headboard design reminded me of an old wagon wheel.  The only thing I didn't like about it was the floral fabric that it came with - but that is an easy fix.

I have been holding on to this fabric.  I liked it's quilt like look.  The only think I am not  too fond of is the giant hearts - Again an easy fix in my mind.

After some creative cutting and gluing.  This is where I ended up tonight.  I might do something more creative later on and turn down the quilt to show some linens or maybe a simple bed skirt or a throw pillow?

Then I had to try it out in the room to see how things were going to look with the color of the new rocks and the furniture and accessories I had slated for this room.

 I tried a couple of furniture arrangements.  I think I like the one below


  1. This is beginning to look so cozy! Just for the record I like the first arrangement only so I would be able to look out of the window. LOL

  2. This is Indeed a cosy cabin and your solution with regard to eliminating the heart patch was so simple that I think it was genius! Love too the saddle on top of the trunk next to the banjo and the way that the area rug ties all of the furnishings together.


  3. Love the fabric you used on the bed and the room looks cosy. Greetings

  4. Hello Troy,
    I love the color scheme on the fireplace. It is perfect. I also like your last picture of the furniture arrangement. I think it makes the most sens and highlights your miniature furniture the best.
    Big hug

  5. The whole room setting is just wonderful!

  6. Me encanta el aspecto que va tomando,es tan acogedor!!!

  7. Hello, Troy - The cabin looks wonderful with the rocks all painted (good choice of colors!) and the rustic furniture in place. That quilt is amazing - what a good job you did on its makeover. I love the simplicity of the bed just as it is. And of course the saddle and the banjo are perfect accessories. (What happened to the guitar?) All the things in this room works so well together.

  8. This room is adorable, everything compliments each other. The fabric is perfect. The whole room looks cosy and warm.

  9. That banjo! YES!
    Troy would you mind taking some more photos and posting them? I find myself longing to see the staircase, the entryway and into what I am assuming is the kitchen. This is a truly beautiful structure!