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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Tulsa Vintage Show

My wife and ventured out to the fair grounds today to the Tulsa Vintage Show.  There were over 250 booths with all kinds of antiques and vintage collectible items.

 I was impressed by these miniature books  at one booth.  
I had never seen so many in one place before.

I came across this antique dollhosue labeled Shoenhut 1915. 

It had some furniture and accessories inside.  It was a little out of my price range, 
but fun to look at.

Then I came across this booth with all kinds of miniatures and dollhouse furniture.

I dug through the bins and found a couple of pieces that I knew I didn't have.

I ended up picking up the Renwall ironing board to put with my tin litho house and a Strombecker walnut magazine table.

To see my other Strombecker collections click on the links below:

You can see the Strombecker marking under the tabletop.

Here is a picture of the ironing board. It looks great in the house.
 To see the rest of my plastic furniture click here

The ironing board has folding legs.

Then we came home and I started experimenting with paint for the stonework on the cabin.


  1. How Marvelous to see all of those tiny books gathered together, and then to find a stall with some minis which you could use in your collection. That must have felt Great! :D
    And your paintwork on the stones is looking Great too!:D


  2. Time to go to an antique fair! I never do that and forget they may have really cool minis. I hope you got at least a few of those great books!

  3. Has hecho unos grandes descubrimientos y muy buenas compras!!!

  4. Hello Troy,
    What great items at the show. you got some very nice pieces. I am liking the painted stonework...
    Big hug